Forward Motion Production Pack

Unlock the potential of Forward Motion, a dynamic toolkit tailored to cater to your social media and video editing demands. Situated conveniently within Final Cut Pro, this comprehensive package offers 11 Presets meticulously engineered to operate seamlessly together. The outcome? A heightened sense of continuity that transforms every facet of your video production process.

Final Cut Pro

Product Image 11 Tools

Any Resolution

5.63 MB

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asked questions

Final Cut Pro Titles can be found in the Titles/Generators Tab > Titles in the top left.
Final Cut Pro Transitions can be found in the Transitions Sidebar in the bottom right.
Final Cut Pro Effects can be found in the Effects Sidebar in the bottom right.
Final Cut Pro Generators can be found in the Titles/Generators Tab > Generators in the top right.
Once you’ve saved an asset to your account you can install them using the PFS App.

Final Cut Pro



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