FCPX Photo Depth

Dive into the immersive world of photography with FCPX Photo Depth, your portal to breathtaking 3D realms. This plugin is your gateway to transforming photos into captivating 3D masterpieces. Unleash your creativity with Height Map Tools, sculpting your visuals into stunning 3D landscapes. Explore parallax layers with the Multi Brush and Mask Depth Tools, painting depth and dimension. With Replicator Depth Tools, carve out a piece of your image and multiply it through the Z dimension. FCPX Photo Depth offers boundless possibilities for crafting mesmerizing 3D photos, all within the canvas of Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Pro

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Any Resolution

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asked questions

Final Cut Pro Titles can be found in the Titles/Generators Tab > Titles in the top left.
Final Cut Pro Transitions can be found in the Transitions Sidebar in the bottom right.
Final Cut Pro Effects can be found in the Effects Sidebar in the bottom right.
Final Cut Pro Generators can be found in the Titles/Generators Tab > Generators in the top right.
Once you’ve saved an asset to your account you can install them using the PFS App.

If your mask is not lined up with your media this could be because your media is a different resolution than your project resolution. In order to fix this make sure to compound your media by selecting the clip in your timeline, right click on it, and select New Compound Clip. The compound layer created will be the same resolution as your project. You can then apply the plugin to your compound clip and create the masks.

The masking tool uses the resolution of the project so if your media is not at the same resolution the masks will appear off target once applied. Compounding the media before applying the effect will solve this issue because it will effectively make the compound clip the same resolution as the project.

This plugin will primarily be used on photos. If you wish to apply it to a video you will need to first create a hold on the frame in which you want to apply the effect then extend the hold for your desired duration.


Final Cut Pro


4K, HD