FCPX Disintegrate

Unleash the forces of creativity with FCPX Disintegrate from Pixel Film Studios, your gateway to transforming text and media into swirling particles of cinematic magic right within Final Cut Pro. Seamlessly apply a disintegrate tool to your media and watch in awe as it crumbles into an exquisite dance of particles, carried away by the wind. With a comprehensive range of customizable particle controls, from sizes and velocities to turbulence and gravity, you hold the reins of creation. Choose between advanced, basic, and brush tools to sculpt your vision with precision, or dive into a treasure trove of 30 pre-made disintegration looks. FCPX Disintegrate sets a new benchmark for particle disintegration, rendering Final Cut Pro a playground of limitless artistic innovation.

Final Cut Pro

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Any Resolution

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asked questions

Final Cut Pro Titles can be found in the Titles/Generators Tab > Titles in the top left.
Final Cut Pro Transitions can be found in the Transitions Sidebar in the bottom right.
Final Cut Pro Effects can be found in the Effects Sidebar in the bottom right.
Final Cut Pro Generators can be found in the Titles/Generators Tab > Generators in the top right.
Once you’ve saved an asset to your account you can install them using the PFS App.
Yes, you can use this plugin in any resolution.

Advanced and Basic Disintegrate tools, Preset Disintegrations, Disintegrating Transitions, Brush Disintegrate Tool


Final Cut Pro


4K, 5K, HD