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Unleash the full potential of your creativity with FCPX Auto-Tracker Perspective, the cutting-edge four-point motion tracking tool meticulously designed exclusively for Final Cut Pro. Seamlessly track text, pictures, logos, videos, and animations to subjects in your footage with just a single click. Embrace the power of Auto-Tracker’s revolutionary technology, granting you the ability to achieve fast and accurate tracks without the need to set a single keyframe. Effortlessly track forward, backward, and even multiple objects in a single scene, elevating the level of precision in your video projects. Witness the pinnacle of tracking excellence with FCPX Auto-Tracker Perspective, your ultimate Final Cut Pro exclusive plugin, and redefine the way you approach motion tracking in your creative journey.

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How it Works

Intuitive Track Editor

The built-in track editor makes it so easy to make adjustments to your track data.

Planar and Corner Pin Tracking

Just place the 4 tracking points in the positions you want to track and watch as FCPX Auto Tracker Perspective follows the movement.

All Resolutions

Our tools adapt to resolutions of all sizes.

asked questions

Final Cut Pro Titles can be found in the Titles/Generators Tab > Titles in the top left.
Final Cut Pro Transitions can be found in the Transitions Sidebar in the bottom right.
Final Cut Pro Effects can be found in the Effects Sidebar in the bottom right.
Final Cut Pro Generators can be found in the Titles/Generators Tab > Generators in the top right.
Once you’ve saved an asset to your account you can install them using the PFS App.
No, the tracker should always be on the main screen of your iMac or Laptop.
  • Subject must be well defined and in sharp focus.
  • Subject must have high contrast in relation to surroundings.
  • If there are a lot of brightness or blur changes in the footage, the tracking will not work properly.
  • We recommend shooting at a high frame to reduce motion blur in the footage.  
  • For a more complex track, we recommend placing a small tracking marker physically on the object at defined points. This will increase accuracy in the tracker. .
Yes, you can use this plugin in 4K and HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.
No, the plugin can only track footage shot in 4K or HD 1920 x 1080p.
Your subject may not be tracked if it is a screen with a reflective surface. The contents of the reflective screen are moving at a different rate than the rest of the room, and will therefore not track properly.
To add text simply input a transparent PNG image into the drop zone or place a title layer on your timeline with your desired text, make it a compound clip, then apply the compound clip to the drop zone.
If you green screen has nothing inside of it, it will not track properly. The reason this is happening is that you are trying to track a plane that has no well-defined features. We recommend that any planar surface you are tracking has well-defined features, with a lot of contrast. For example, a green screen with markers on it will improve the track. A surface with well-defined texture is best.
This plugin includes the Pixel Film Studios proprietary motion tracking technology that lets you track an object with an image or the video you desire.
The difference between these two is what they designed to track. The Auto Tracker works best when tracking a specific object, such as a football. The perspective tracker works best when tracking planar surfaces, such as a wall.
The controls are defaulted this way until you move the on-screen controls for the plugin. Once you move the controls they will no longer be grayed out.

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