Membership FAQ

How do I sign up for a Free Membership?

When you sign up for our members website, your account is automatically assigned a free membership. No additional steps are required.

How do I upgrade to a paid membership?

If you would like to upgrade to a paid membership, you can check out a plan from the Membership Plans page! 🙂 

What comes with my PFS Membership?

By joining the Pixel Film Studios Club you get unlimited access to all assets that are located on only.

Please note that as of September 2023, all of our plugins are still being added to our site over time. We have already added over 20,000 assets & tools with many more to come.

The intent is that our PFS Members Club will include all plugins as well as have exclusive subscription assets (which we have already begun releasing)! 😄 

How do I add assets to my account?

After you have paid for a membership plan, you can visit an asset’s product page, add to cart, then check out the asset so that it will appear on your PFS Members app to install.

How do I install assets to my system?

All assets can be installed via our PFS Members App, which can be downloaded from this page: PFS Members App

Please make sure the PFS Members app is closed while you are adding assets to your account from our website. If the PFS Members app was open, then you may need to clear your cache or restart the app in order to see any new assets appear in your PFS Members app.

Final Cut Pro and Motion must also be closed before installing any packs from the PFS Members app.

How many computers can I install assets to?

Each membership covers installation to 2 personal systems. We recommend reading over our Terms of Service for more information here: Terms of Service

What happens to the plugins I’ve installed if I cancel my PFS Membership?

You can keep the product installed if you have unsubscribed from the PFS Members Club. However, you will not be able to redownload the plugin, get access to updates, or download new products once your PFS Membership is cancelled.

Can I refund my Membership if I don’t like it?

All paid memberships are non-refundable under any circumstance. If you’re not sure if the membership is right for you, we recommend that you first try out our membership with a Free account before committing to a paid plan! Free Assets are included with all free accounts.

Terms of Service

I’m having trouble installing my products. Where can I get in touch with support?

Live Support is available from Monday to Friday 8 AM to 4 PM Pacific Time. They can be reached via our Live Chat support by clicking on the chat bubble icon in the right corner of the site, or you can click this link to be redirected to the chat.

Pixel Film Studios Support

If you need to contact us during our closed hours, you can leave a ticket in the Live Chat support box, or send us an email at

Where can I get addional help with plugins?

You can find additional support to help you get started here on our main help page:

*Please note that this help page is located on our old site and the products sold separately there are not necessarily included in the membership site.

Using this help page you will be able to find resources such as, resolving red screens, editing text, and how to use drop zones!

I bought plugins from you in the past. Why is the site telling me I don’t have an account?

If you are trying to access purchases of perpetual licenses from our store site that you have made in the past, please make sure you are logged into 🙂 

Our membership library is maintained separately from our PFS store. The members site is for memberships only at this web address: 

If you would like to join our PFS Members Club, you will need to register for a new account, since it is not tied to the PFS Store.