License Agreement

This license agreement governs the terms and conditions for the use of Pixel Film Studios products available on the website.

Please read this license agreement carefully before using the products. By accepting the following terms, you acknowledge the validity of this agreement and any accompanying documents. If you do not agree with the terms of this license, please refrain from using Pixel Film Studios products.

  1. The User is responsible for thoroughly reviewing the terms prior to using Pixel Film Studios products.
  2. Pixel Film Studios is the rightful owner of all intellectual property rights associated with the products. Usage, copying, downloading, installation, and utilization of the intellectual property rights related to Pixel Film Studios products are only permitted under these terms. The structure, organization, and source code of the products are confidential and are valuable trade secrets owned by Pixel Film Studios. Any violation may lead to criminal and civil liability.
  3. The products, along with the accompanying documentation, are sold under a license granted by Pixel Film Studios. The license allows the user to use the products in accordance with the terms specified herein. Pixel Film Studios reserves all rights to the products. The granted rights are limited to the creation of intellectual property using Pixel Film Studios products. Upon acquiring the products, Pixel Film Studios retains all rights to them. Any changes or improvements in later versions of the products are also subject to these terms unless explicitly stated otherwise in a separate license.
  4. This license permits the installation and use of Pixel Film Studios products only on the number of workstations corresponding to the number of purchased licenses. It is strictly prohibited to install and use the products on more workstations than the number of purchased licenses.
  5. However, Pixel Film Studios allows the installation of the purchased license on a second workstation owned by the same user for training purposes (e.g., on a laptop if the initial installation was on a desktop machine). Sharing or using the products in a way that exceeds the number of purchased licenses is strictly prohibited, including sharing the products on a network to enable their use on more workstations than the number of purchased licenses.
  6. The User is entitled to create one backup copy of the products solely for backup purposes, provided that it is not installed or used. The backup copy must contain all the ownership and copyright information included in the original.
  7. The products are not intended for use in critical applications such as nuclear devices, air navigation, communication systems, air traffic control systems, life support equipment, or any devices where errors in the products could lead to death, injury, pollution, or damage to property of the User or third parties.
  8. The User agrees not to use the products in any manner unauthorized by this license or inconsistent with their intended purpose or documentation. Any unauthorized copying, decompiling, modification, creation of derivative works, translation, or attempt to discover the source code of the products is strictly prohibited. The User may not separate any part of the products for use in a manner incompliant with this license, especially for use on other computers or with other host software/environments.
  9. Pixel Film Studios products may be used for commercial purposes for a specific client. However, this license does not permit the creation of content sold to unidentified recipients, such as through stock image/video marketplaces, for their unrestricted use. It is prohibited to use, pre-render, or flatten images created with Pixel Film Studios products for use as templates, stock media, or plugins. The license also prohibits the creation and sale of templates using the products on web portals.
  10. This license does not permit the creation of competitive products, including but not limited to Apple Motion, Adobe After Effects, or DaVinci Resolve templates, Quicktime files, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, or DaVinci Resolve plugins, applications, or similar products, whether for private use or in connection with commercial operations, gainful activity, or services rendered.
  11. Selling, licensing, renting, subleasing, or sharing Pixel Film Studios products in any way, both for a fee or free of charge, is strictly prohibited. Copies provided for promotional purposes may only be used for demonstration, testing, and evaluation and may not be resold or used for commercial purposes.
  12. This license remains valid until the agreement expires. Pixel Film Studios reserves the right to terminate this license automatically and without notice in the event of a breach of any of its terms. Upon termination, the User must immediately cease using the products and destroy all copies, in whole or in part, under the risk of legal liability.
  13. The User agrees to use Pixel Film Studios products at their own risk, acknowledging the quality, efficiency, and ease of use of the products. Apart from the limited warranty described in the license and as regulated by law, the User accepts the products as provided by Pixel Film Studios, including any latent defects, without any refund warranty. Pixel Film Studios does not guarantee that the products will meet expectations regarding their use, accuracy, correctness, uptime, compatibility with other manufacturers’ products, or future error corrections. No advice or information provided by Pixel Film Studios, whether written or oral, shall entitle the User to reimbursement. Some jurisdictions do not allow the waiver of warranties, and in cases governed by consumer law, the above disclaimer may not apply.
  14. Except as regulated by law, Pixel Film Studios disclaims any liability for personal injury or any (accidental, deliberate, or indirect) losses, including loss of profits, data, business disruption, or any other commercial or personal losses arising from the use or incompetent use of the products, even if Pixel Film Studios has been informed of the potential danger. Some jurisdictions do not allow the disclaimer of liability for personal injury resulting from accidents or the consequences of product use. Therefore, the above disclaimer may not apply in certain cases.
  15. This license agreement, along with the terms and conditions, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties regarding Pixel Film Studios products, superseding any prior or simultaneous agreements related to the subject matter.